Are ib exams going ahead in the uk?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) exams will not take place this year in the UK. The IB said the disruption of the pandemic, which led to the cancellation of Level A and GCSE exams, made it “very unlikely that exams would be possible. The decision was made in consultation with exam regulator Ofqual. The latest IBO news means that all IB, GCSE and A Level exams are now cancelled for UK students, for the second year in a row.

The International Baccalaureate has canceled all UK exams this year, as confirmed today. The International Baccalaureate is today informing schools outside the UK on whether their exams will go ahead. Outside the UK, IB schools will receive more definitive news on how their students will be evaluated this year starting today. The ofqual advisor he was speaking to said that, even if the IB announced that the UK reviews would continue, the decision does not apply under the Ofqual regulation.

In addition, dedicated IB teams will continue to work closely with schools, providing timely information, support, resources and opportunities to ask questions and comments. Last week, the IB informed schools outside the UK about whether their exams would go ahead, after announcing a two-track to its grading process this year, in which schools in some parts of the world would take exams, while others would award grades through teacher evaluation. I'm not saying in any way that OFQUAL shouldn't do this, but as a student from Germany, where government-administered exams are conducted normally, I think it's unfair that some countries simply tell the IB to cancel them and others don't give a damn. The decision had also been made, said the IB, because it was very unlikely that the exams could take place due to the continued disruption caused by the pandemic.

This should serve as an example for all education departments in the world and especially for the IB, since dual-sense examinations are totally and utterly unfair.

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