What do you do during tutoring?

Four Things Students and Guardians Should Do DURING an Initial Tutoring SessionEstablish a personal relationship, asking questions, verifying that things are going at the right speed, taking “mini-tests” to ensure understanding. The way you dress as a tutor is important. Do not overdo it or look below. Wear clean, simple clothes and nothing too distracting.

Be professional, but don't forget that you don't work in a corporate environment. The first tutoring session always scares both the student and the tutor, since they don't know each other yet. It's better to be too prepared, but not to do too much. The first lesson should be used to start a relationship with your student.

Try to make the lesson fun so that your student is looking forward to the next one. Just like you would in the classroom, give your student some independent, fun, academic work. You can also add a fun stretch break or some jumping jacks if your child is sleepy that day. You have a lot of options in this department, so make it your own.

Oh, and keep your main goals simple. They should be achievable, simple and you should never have more than 2 or 3 in a single lesson. It's a good idea to “start” the topic of the lesson, but make sure you've reached the main part of your lesson plan no later than 15 minutes.

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