What is the Going Rate for a Tutor in the UK?

The website prospects, ac, uk states that the average hourly rate for a tutor in the UK can range from £30 to £60. Our own research at The Tutor Website suggests that the range is even wider, with rates between £15 and £45 per hour. To find the most local tutors for you, enter your full zip code. The tables below show the portion of the total hourly rate withheld by the tutor.

The exact fee due to the guardian is a matter of negotiation between the guardian and their client, and these are only recommended fees. Includes Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Essex, Greater London, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey, West Sussex Includes all of Great Britain except Region A To obtain the full hourly rate payable by the client, the agency fee to the standard rate must be added to the rates shown in the tables. Tutors receive their fee payment and agency commission directly from the student at the end of each lesson. The guardian sends us any agency fees charged during a calendar month at the end of the month. A tutor with two students from the same family taught simultaneously should charge about 10% more than the cost of individual tuition. For each additional member of the same family who teaches simultaneously, 10% more than the individual rate will be charged up to a maximum of twice the individual rate.

Agency commission increases at the same rate. For simultaneous enrollment of students from different families, add 25% to the individual rate for each student up to double the individual rate. When an individual or group commits to 25 hours or more of classes in a calendar month, the total hourly rate should be reduced by 10% and the agency fee by 20%. On average, you can expect to pay between £15-30 per hour, depending on the subject, location and tutor experience. For example, it will cost more for most tutors in London or in specialized subjects, such as admissions. MyTutor said tutors take home an average of £18.50 per hour, but it varies between £11 and £32.50 per tutorial, depending on the price they charge.

MyTutor said the benefits of private tutoring now include not only providing test support but also one-on-one personal interaction that ensures students are no longer lost in a sea of faces on a zoom call. Agencies such as TutorTrust are creating new and innovative mentoring models to create affordable tutoring in small groups and individuals. About 59 percent of parents are using or considering using a guardian, many up to 12 hours a week, according to data from online tutor provider Tutorful. Nearly half (44 percent) of parents who had used guardians said they would continue to use online tutors after the pandemic. Many websites will allow tutors to set the hours they want to work and give them the flexibility to make money when they want to. While some make tutoring their full-time job, others, including college students, may work part-time as tutors.

Superprof is one of the most popular tutoring platforms and has nearly 16 million tutors worldwide. The qualifications a tutor needs will depend on what they are going to teach and the age group they are going to teach. Tutors will receive an email alert when a student requests their services and will need to log in to respond. Another tutoring company, MyTutor, said it had seen a 170 percent increase in tutors and a change in attitudes toward private tutoring. As with many other sites, tutors set their own rates so it will be worth researching to find out the current fee for that subject and level. Tutors can choose who they want to teach, how often they want to be tutors and also how much they will charge.

Whether it's a single online session or weekly face-to-face meetings, the Internet has become the new job exchange for tutors around the world.

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