How big is the tutoring industry?

The global impact of COVID-19 has been staggering and unprecedented, and private tutors have witnessed a negative demand shock across regions amid the pandemic. The company also offers software that can help guardians manage the scheduling of tuition and online payments, which is a convenient method of communication for guardians and parents. The academic subject segment is likely to gain significant market share as students seek additional tutoring for subjects that are difficult to learn or to excel on exams in qualifying subjects. These factors have driven the global demand for private tutoring or shadow education services that can deliver personalized learning.

The surveyed students, parents and guardians reported significant benefits of online tutoring, which included flexible lesson scheduling, searchable lesson recordings, and a more relaxed and focused environment. Therefore, the growing popularity of technology-based shadow education services is likely to support trends in the private tutoring market. Software company based in the company, introduced its new service through which it would help tutors to create and configure their websites. This factor has led to an increase in students' interest in the subject during the learning process, thus accelerating the demand for the online tutoring modality.

Mentoring organizations that have online subscriptions are gaining popularity as college students become more inclined to technology-based learning. A guardian can see a child's growth or weaknesses in person and offer more attention or better solutions accordingly. Increased penetration of private tutoring firms in the European market is likely to support market growth. Private guardian fees are higher, which is often not affordable for low-income families.

Most students attend private lessons due to the influence of classmates, older people or siblings who have attended the same training class. Offline mode is likely to have significant participation as home tutoring; group tutoring or classroom tutoring has gained popularity over the years. As tutors make their recording available online, it will be easier to search later when needed to learn or review the content.

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