The Growing Popularity of Online Tutoring: How Big is the Tutoring Industry?

The global impact of COVID-19 has been immense and unprecedented, and private tutors have experienced a sharp decline in demand across regions due to the pandemic. To address this, a software company has developed a platform that can help guardians manage the scheduling of tuition and online payments, providing an efficient way for parents and guardians to communicate. The academic subject segment is expected to gain considerable market share as students seek additional tutoring for difficult subjects or to excel in qualifying subjects. These factors have driven the global demand for private tutoring or shadow education services that can provide personalized learning.

A survey of students, parents and guardians revealed the numerous advantages of online tutoring, such as flexible lesson scheduling, searchable lesson recordings, and a more relaxed and focused environment. This has led to an increase in the popularity of technology-based shadow education services, which is likely to support trends in the private tutoring market. The software company also launched a new service that helps tutors create and configure their websites. This has resulted in an increased interest in the subject during the learning process, thus driving up the demand for online tutoring.

Mentoring organizations that offer online subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular as college students become more tech-savvy. Guardians can observe a child's progress or weaknesses in person and provide more attention or better solutions accordingly. The increasing penetration of private tutoring firms in the European market is likely to fuel market growth. However, private guardian fees are usually higher, which may not be affordable for low-income families.

Most students attend private lessons due to peer pressure, older people or siblings who have attended the same training class. Offline mode is expected to have significant participation as home tutoring, group tutoring or classroom tutoring have become increasingly popular over the years. As tutors make their recordings available online, it will be easier to search later when needed to learn or review the content.

Reginald Thomson
Reginald Thomson

Reginald Thomson is an experienced IB tutor with a passion for education. He is committed to helping students excel in their studies and achieve their academic goals. Reginald holds a Bachelor's degree in Education from the University of Liverpool.

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