When should I get a tutor for people over 11 years old?

In my experience, many parents panic and start rolling the 11-year-olds train too soon. I have come across stories of parents who have their children under guardianship for over 11 years old when they are still in KS1, which is ridiculous. I would say that the ideal time for you as parents to start thinking about those over the age of 11 is in the fourth year. These benefits of tuition can be felt not only for the exam for over 11 years old, but also for your child's overall progress, confidence and self-awareness.

Working collaboratively with a tutor can be a helpful and supportive step. A tutor will know your child well, and since you are hiring the tutor and participating regularly with him or her, a narrow communication triangle can be established. He has over 30 years of experience in tutoring children for ages 11 and older, entering school, math and English up to GCSE level, as well as for more general learning support. In this blog, I've covered 5 FAQs that I've heard over and over again during my time as a tutor.

If your child is struggling with their English skills, it may be worthwhile to find a tutor who will work with your child on language development, vocabulary development, spelling practice, developing oral skills, and improving comprehension. For many parents it can be a relief to find someone they trust to help support their child's learning and development, but this depends entirely on the tutor they choose.

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