What does mentoring involve?

Teach students individually or in small groups and provide a variety of services, from study skills, note-taking strategies, test preparation, homework assistance, and understanding new concepts. The tutor usually helps students review material and complete class assignments. There are benefits to tutoring for both the tutor and the student. Yes, “tutee” is a correct term.

In this article, I will focus on the benefits for students receiving tutoring. If tutoring is conducted “the right way”, the student will benefit greatly from tutoring. Mentoring offers a systematic and structured learning experience in a more individualized way. It also improves the student's self-esteem, attitude to the subject and academic performance, as well as personal growth.

In addition to that, tutoring is a self-guided and self-directed learning process. A tutor, also formally called an academic tutor, is a person who provides assistance or guardianship to one or more people in certain subject areas or skills. The tutor spends a few hours daily, weekly or monthly to transfer his/her experience on the subject or skill to the student (also called tutelage). Mentoring can be carried out in different settings.

Follow-up activities are a way to reinforce and build on what happened in the mentoring session. Many tutoring programs ask children to read independently or read with their families every day. Tutoring usually involves two people, a tutor and a student. The tutor is more knowledgeable or more expert than the student and tries to help the student learn, usually in an academic area.

Age is not necessarily a factor in the tutoring relationship (tutor and student may be the same age) as long as the tutor has more knowledge or skills than the student. Traditionally, tutoring has involved one-on-one instruction, but some tutoring programs include one tutor and two or three tutors. Peer tutoring often involves students of the same age or grade teaching each other individually or in small groups. With all the distraction of today's hypertech world, what students need most is face-to-face interaction through mentoring, mentoring and coaching.

Tutoring began as an informal and unstructured method of educational assistance, dating back to periods in ancient Greece. Tutors who can make learning relevant to students' interests create more students who truly care about what they are learning. Rather than simply reviewing school work, a good tutor works closely with each student to identify their needs and assess their understanding of the material. Demand for mentoring in Asia is skyrocketing; compared globally, shadow education is more extensive in Asia.

Jobs that are assigned for a short period, for example, in the case of last-minute review for an exam, may incur a lower fee of about a quarter of the monthly income from work for a tutor. Tutoring agencies are commercial organizations that specialize in introducing tutors to students who require assistance in academic studies. Tutoring agencies exist largely because of the problems faced by parents and students in finding a specialist who can help them with the study of one or more specific subjects. Some technical subjects, such as mathematics, science and computer science, may have Tutor candidates with relevant work experience in the field.

In Singapore, although registration for tutors is generally free of charge, tutors will have to pay a percentage of the first month's tuition, usually 60%, to the teaching agency as a commission for recommending them to students. More and more parents and educators are realizing that mentoring reaches the heart of learning, personalizing the meaning and instruction of the topic in question. The tutors, as described above, are actually doing the students' homework themselves, which is a detriment to the tutors. Although certain types of tutoring arrangements may require a salary for the tutor, tutoring is generally free and therefore economically affordable for students.


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