Is the ib program worth it?

The IB program is worthwhile for students who want to earn a globally recognized diploma and enter select universities. It is also for those who want access to specific IB scholarships and save up to 32 university credits. On the other hand, IB classes are difficult and expensive. During the first six months of PD 2, each IB student must decide which university they want to enroll.

There is nothing wrong with taking a sabbatical after the IB program. However, that also requires due diligence and planning. Whatever you plan to do, if you want your IB diploma to be worthwhile, you need to be able to anticipate what lies ahead. I did the IB and took several AP courses, and I can say that the IB is 100% worth the effort.

Very few schools don't accept the IB, and those that don't accept the IB often don't accept the AP anyway. I just did it because it was what all the smart kids did at the time, but less important than what you take is how well you're doing. However, many IB students are so concerned about performing better that they end up incapacitated by the immense pressure they put on themselves. More IB students are admitted to prestigious universities in the United States and often in the United Kingdom than students in other programs.

The IB curriculum, in my opinion, is aimed at achieving an “integral development of the human being and the personality”. The IB Diploma is, in effect, a “college preparation program,” in the sense that it teaches you skills and learning methods that will prepare you for success in higher education. The IB can prepare you well for college and, despite its difficulties, I think the IB is worth the effort. Most of all, it is important to find a curriculum that will help you enjoy what you learn, because, above all, universities want passionate students, whether they are IB children or not.

No matter where you are, you'll probably find some people with whom you can bond with the unique pain and pleasure of the IB. I was also very demotivated because I was used to getting 90 and 80 in all my subjects, but in IB I usually got 60, 70 or 80 in my subject, depending on the subject. The PA is easier and, although the IB is more difficult than the PA, universities consider that AP is equivalent to the IB (because there are fewer IB schools than AP and more expensive, so financial background may affect whether you take the IB or the AP). No joke, I got rid of many minor stereotypes and racist feelings I had before the IB in the IB itself by doing historical research, ToC and history of the IB.

Most countries in Europe do not give the IB as much weight as their local programmes and often ask for equivalents in terms of degrees and qualifications. If you take 6, 7, 8 courses and exams and in anticipation of universities respecting more applicants who take most AP or IB exams, you will be wrong. All IB students must also participate in a Project 4 for Science group, where they research a specific scientific phenomenon as a group and write an appropriate research report. You want your child to perform well in the right environment for their academic and intellectual development, whether in the IB or otherwise.

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