Will the ib exams be canceled?

We also recognize that there will be circumstances that prevent this. The IB strongly believes that students taking exams whenever possible is the best method for assessing a student's ability. The IB expects schools to make every reasonable effort to administer exams. As with GCSE & Level A courses, all IB exams have been canceled.

IBO, the IB Assessment Review Board will base students' grades on a thorough evaluation of courses and pre-completed assessments. All the work that would normally be marked by a teacher, will now be marked by the IBO. It will also be necessary to send all the courses and this is something that your school will take care of. As a random sample, here are the websites of Georgetown University, the University of California system, UT Austin and Cornell University that state that they will continue to accept IB credits as they have in previous years.

If your school is not going to take exams, it is especially important that it performs well on all IB projects during the rest of the year, as the teacher will use those grades to give a predicted score that will be taken into account in the final IB grade. Both colleges and universities will accept calculated grades and will be as valid as GCSE, A and IB scores would normally be. In terms of grading, the IB is taking steps to ensure that students receive grades as close as possible to what they would have received if education had not been interrupted as much. With all these changes, it's more important than ever to create a study calendar to help you prepare for the IB exams.

Since March 20, all UK schools, both state and boarding schools, have closed and this has led to the cancellation of all GCSE, A level and IB exams. Yes, the vast majority of schools have maintained and continue to maintain their same IB credit policies despite changes due to COVID-19.For this pathway, the IB will use a combination of the grades students have already received in the course, as well as the grades predicted by teachers, to determine student scores. The IB realizes that each student or school will be in a unique situation and has measures in place to ensure that each candidate receives grades.

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