Is online education less stressful?

Online education is less stressful because of the natural flexibility built into programs. You don't have to wake up for 7 in the morning classes or run through traffic to get to class on time. Programs are designed to be flexible, allowing students to learn at their own pace. Meanwhile, the respite came from online learning platforms that had a positive impact on students' mental health by allowing them to supplement their school lessons with greater clarity on concepts and help with homework.

A significant (63%) mentioned that online learning platforms have helped reduce stress during their studies from home. In fact, online education is seen as the future of learning that offers students a stress-free alternative to traditional schools and universities. According to several studies, online learning is really effective. It also reduces the strain and pressure students face in a physical learning environment.

The most important takeaway is that high school students reported less stress when they attended school in person for at least part of the week. Of course, it is still necessary that all protocols exist, such as social distancing, wearing masks and hand washing, but that these teens in their teens long to connect with their school community (teachers, classmates, classes, events). With depression and, sadly, suicide rising in many communities (NY Times, 202), we must also prioritize the emotional and social needs of adolescence. Students are doing the best they can, but not all of them are entrepreneurs.

Educators can help students succeed by making participation as structured and easy as possible. Using simple online systems removes a barrier of confusion in the learning process so that students don't have to struggle to participate. Instead, their efforts can be devoted to their courses rather than problem solving. Once educators understand their transition to online teaching, it's time to focus on helping students transition to online learning.

It's obvious that most students prefer in-person school to online school, but it's important to recognize the benefits that online school can provide.

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