How do i start a tutoring session?

First Tutoring Session: Ten Top Tips Ask the right questions before the lesson. dress to impress (but not to intimidate) and arrive on time. Introduce yourself and find out what your student's goals are. Explain how the sessions will work.

It is important that you set clear expectations with the student. Some ways to show students that you are committed to being their tutor is to be on time and be available and present at all tutoring sessions. The goal of tutoring is to teach students an efficient routine to complete the task on their own and learn to search for answers effectively. If you witness a student being bullied during a tutoring session, let the bully know that you don't appreciate what they say and encourage them to apologize.

His role as a tutor is to help students learn the problem-solving process and develop their confidence and knowledge of the content. Helping students appropriate their learning is a fundamental step in the educational process and, as a tutor, you will have the ability and responsibility to guide these students to be empowered learners.

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