Do tutors need to be teachers?

However, if they want to work in a classroom, they will need to follow formal educational training, such as a teacher assistant certificate or a teacher preparation associate's degree. Most tutors help students with their homework or prepare for exams, although some may create their own curriculum to teach a student. Tutors can work independently and advertise their own services, meet at home or in the library; or work for tutoring companies, schools and universities that meet with students in academic support centers. Instead, most tutors come to the profession after completing one in a related field, such as education, business, or mathematics.

Tutors can also be considered role models that help motivate students to do their best in school and in life. GMAT tutors develop personalized test preparation plans, teach computerized testing strategies, and familiarize students with the different sections of the exam (quantitative, analytical writing, and verbal). One of the biggest advantages for tutors is that an online environment is usually easier than giving private lessons. Today, tutoring programs are widely available to students through their schools, churches, and community agencies, as well as private tutoring services.

Universities even hire their own students to teach other college students who may need more support to pass a class. However, since there are no physical limitations, the supply of tutors available is high, causing the average price to drop for local tutoring. The tutor must have an open mind and be willing to accept other people and their views. State boards of education often require tutors working in school settings to be certified and licensed.

The dictionary defines a tutor as a person who gives individual instruction or, in some cases, a small group. Rehabilitation tutors help struggling students learn or practice a specific skill (such as reading) or subject (such as English or mathematics) to help them catch up in school or meet the requirements set for their grade level. When the most formalized educational institutions became available, teachers began teaching, but tutors continued to play an important role in the learning process. Learn more about the different training and education programs available to current and future tutors.

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