Will ib boards get cancelled?

As with the GCSE & A level courses, all exams for the IB have been canceled. The IBO, the review board for IB evaluations, will base student grades on a thorough evaluation of coursework and pre-completed assessments. All work that would normally be marked by a teacher, will now be marked by the IBO. It will also be necessary to submit all the coursework and this is something that your school will take care of.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Board has decided to cancel its class 12 exam or diploma program and take the unexamined route in India. It has also canceled alternative tasks for the Middle Years Program and the career-related program due to the sharp increase in Covid-19 cases in India, according to an official announcement. The IB realizes that each student or school will be in a unique situation and has measures in place to ensure that each candidate is awarded grades. Those wishing to cancel the IB exams for DP1 and DP2 Diploma Programs in India will need to sign this petition.

As previously reported, the IB Council has issued an official announcement to all schools in India that they will follow the unexamined route in India for the Diploma Program (grade 1), the profession-related program and the alternative tasks of the Middle Years Program. IB Board exams have been canceled across the country due to the increase in Covid19 cases, so all schools will need to follow the route without an exam. There are still many questions to be resolved, but I commend the IB for making this difficult decision sooner rather than later. IB students across the country feel abandoned and not heard by the government in these unprecedented times.

Since March 20, all schools in the UK, both state and boarding schools, have been closed and this has led to the cancellation of all GCSE, A level and IB exams. In addition, dedicated IB teams will continue to work closely with schools, providing timely information, support, resources and opportunities to ask questions and comments.

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