How can i become an ib tutor?

Required QualificationsExtensive experience of IB teachers or examiners in IB accredited schools, experience in an online tutoring platform with a score above 4.5+. Get mentoring opportunities around the world and meet students from diverse cultures and develop their cultural knowledge. To obtain an IB certificate and deliver online classes, there are three requirements. First, you must have a teaching license. Additionally, you must have experience with Spires online extended essay tutors to ensure that your students receive the best guidance possible.

Two, you should have completed your degree in the subject you want to teach. Three, you must have at least 2 or 3 years of experience as a teacher, like all our tutors in high school classes. It goes without saying that you should have a good command of English and have impeccable communication skills. IB ++tutors is an online tutoring company based in Canada that specializes in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

In high school classes, tutors have found that IB Diploma students are more likely to meet an assignment deadline and hone their study skills with an IB tutor who has established a strong personal relationship with them. For IB tutors, the first and most important requirement is subject matter experience and the ability to effectively teach students. Liv completed the IB in Singapore and received a total of 45 points, before studying law at Oxford University. After completing the IB in Norway and earning 42 IB points, Hazel studied Geography at the University of Cambridge.

In this competitive IB education sector, choosing your niche and identifying the needs and desires of your audience is extremely crucial. Graduate tutors performed well in the IB overall (our average IB score is 43 points) and can demonstrate that they have kept up to date with changes in their curriculum since then. We connect highly qualified IB tutors with students from all over the world and select teams from North America and Europe based on their experience and qualifications. With the IB e-learning market growing by leaps and bounds in India amid the pandemic, it's time to rethink what it means to become a world-class online tutor.

Lucy Tittle
Lucy Tittle

"Lucy Tittle is a seasoned marketing professional and online tutor, recognised for her expertise in driving marketing success across diverse industries. She holds a Master of Arts (MA) in Art History from the University of St. Andrews, where she actively contributed as an art and photography editor for The Tribe Magazine, among other notable roles. Lucy's educational journey also includes A-Levels from Caterham School.With a passion for both education and marketing, Lucy has built a remarkable career. She currently serves as a key member of the Senior Team at The Profs. Additionally, Lucy has held significant roles at The Progressive Technology Centre, Vardags, Dukes Education, and Prior to that Lucy was a professional Tutor, working with Secondary School age students following 11+, GCSE, IB and A-level courses. "

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