Is university easier for ib students?

I'm in grade 11 of the IB (also known as Year in an Ontario Public School) and my question is, if I get 70 years on my report card, will the university give me higher grades? I know the general perception is that your grades drop by 5-15% as you transition from high school to college, but I think it only applies to the academic program (i.e. regular high school). The IB is significantly more difficult than the academic one in my school, at least. My coordinator says that the IB is more difficult than anything you can do in the future, but it's probably biased.

I heard that the IB is as difficult as the first year, but then college becomes more difficult. I've heard from separate sources that freshman college is the hardest of all 4 years (that is, it gets easier). I even know IB graduates who end up doing mediocre at university. There's a lot of contradictory information out there.

I would love to hear your opinion on the subject. Your teacher only says that to make you work hard. If it is a local community college, the IB has probably been more difficult. If it's Harvard or Oxford, then Ib was nothing.

I consider my university course to be more difficult than the IB in many respects. It's hard to call - College has been very difficult, but now I'm taking subjects that I'm good at instead of compulsory subjects where I suck (Mathematics), so in that sense, although it's hard, I feel less out of reach now than before. Intellectually, I haven't struggled with anything as much as I struggled with IB Mathematics. However, you know, in some countries, some universities are very bad, they don't teach you much and you can easily graduate.

I have a friend who finished the IB last year and is now at Harvard studying English. He came back for Christmas and told us struggling PD boys that high school was harder than Harvard. On the other hand, he's a supergenius, so I guess it depends as much on you as what college you go to. In my opinion, after having taken a rather tough combination of subjects in the Diploma program and I am now studying Chemical Engineering at the most respected technical university in Finland (Aalto), it is that the IB is definitely a little easier for several reasons.

I mean, obviously, the IB prepares you for academic and critical thinking that you won't necessarily include in the normal high school curriculum, which has definitely been useful to me, but the amount of work still doesn't match what I'm doing here. I mean, a single-course exam can cover as much material as the entire IB curriculum, for example Chem. HL. For example, I did my first organic chemistry course in autumn and the course material was a book from Oxford University; of which the course covered 360 pages of fairly heavy chemistry.

And then there's the other practice job that's pretty essential if you want to pass a course without killing yourself before the exam, which is much more than an IB assignment. I used to hear that the IB is also more difficult than college. But when I myself experience college, I now have to say that college IS HARDER than the IB. The IB is nothing compared to the university.

Perhaps all that preparation for college is why research by SRI International found that the graduation rate of IB alumni after four and six years of study at US universities was higher than the national average. It gives students a perspective on the world and the drive to plan their own activities, skills that help distinguish IB alumni in the university admissions process. On the IB program, he said: “I didn't want to study three or four subjects, but a whole range of things, which I can do with the IB Diploma program. The mathematics (NS) that I did in the IB proved very useful for Calculus 1, since most of what is discussed there was also covered in mathematics of the IB (NS) (apart from the definitions of limits) and some additional things such as areas of revolution+, Taylor inequality, etc.

Like all IB programs, the Diploma Program aims to encourage students to become internationally minded people who recognize their common humanity and shared stewardship of the planet,” explains Robert Harrison, Curriculum Director, Continuous Development. Dr. David Conley, Professor of Education Policy and Leadership at the University of Oregon School of Education and founder of the Educational Policy Improvement Center, says the IB exceeds the standards of critical thinking and research skills required for college readiness in the U.S. UU.

If you got an 88 before conversion, then you got a 7 since the IB limit for a 7 in HL chemistry is about 80%. A study examining the educational outcomes of IB students enrolled in a UK university found that IB DP students were three times more likely than level A students to enroll in one of the top 20 universities and 21% more likely than students at the same level A to continue their second year of university studies or leaving after obtaining the intended award. IB World Schools help students participate in research, action and reflection on important issues locally and globally. To answer the original question, I heard that people find it easier in the first year because the workload on the IB and the first year is practically the same or less.

On the other hand, if you think there is a lot of content to learn for the IB, you'll laugh at how naive you were when you get to university. You get a 7 if you get a score higher than 80% or whatever the grade limit for that subject, as established by the IB. I am in engineering and I would say that the workload is much more difficult than the IB (I literally relaxed for 2 years, studied during the week before May and it went well), it is also a mental challenge because of all the damn courses you have to take (35 credits the first year). The IB program is ideal for students looking to be challenged, but it can be overwhelming for those who are not used to a similar workload.

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