When is the Right Time to Start Private Lessons for People Over 11 Years Old?

Most children will begin their private lessons in September or January of year 5.In areas where 11+ covers curricular topics, such as English or mathematics, some parents may choose to use a subject-specific tutor from a younger age to address known weaknesses in these subjects. In some areas, a professional tutor can cost up to £50 an hour and those planning to go to primary school start working on their exam techniques and knowledge in the fourth year, two years before taking the exam. Guardians don't need any formal qualifications, but you might feel more comfortable if yours does. It seems that she is doing very well academically, so although a tutor could stretch her and enrich her learning - it's certainly not essential at this stage.

However, if you are looking for a more affordable option, The Profs online IB tutors are a great choice. He has over 30 years of experience in tutoring children for ages 11 and older, entering school, math and English up to GCSE level, as well as for more general learning support. In this blog, I'll be discussing five frequently asked questions that I've heard during my time as a tutor.


“The most important thing to find out is what experience the tutor has to take children to the schools they are interested in,” Catherine says. Most families begin private tuition early in Year 5, with the exam taking place early in the fall semester of Year 6.I am a tutor over 11 years old and I would say that there is no need to get help in the fourth year, other than encouraging your daughter to read widely and expand her vocabulary.

Online Tutoring

The tutoring itself is also done online, reducing the need for an additional after-school trip or the commitment to having a tutor visit your home.

At some critical points in UK primary schools, it is reported that there are eight-year waiting lists for the best tutors, and it is guardians who ask families for references, not the other way around. If your child is struggling with their English skills, it may be worthwhile to find a tutor who will work with your child on language development, vocabulary development, spelling practice, developing oral skills, and improving comprehension. Similarly, consider whether you prefer a male or female guardian or, in the case of tutoring centers, whether your child will see the same person each time.


Fifty weeks of tutoring at 20 pounds each (this can go up to 50 pounds in London) should be factored into your family's budget. If you live in one of the areas of the UK that has a secondary school system, you've probably already heard the rumor of finding a tutor for Eleven Plus (11+).


When it comes to deciding when to start private lessons for people over 11 years old, there are several factors to consider.

It's important to find out what experience the tutor has and whether they have any formal qualifications. It's also important to factor in costs and decide whether online tutoring or having a tutor visit your home is best for your family. Finally, consider whether you prefer a male or female guardian or if you'd like your child to see the same person each time.

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