Is net tutor free?

NetTutor is a free online tutoring service that offers one-on-one virtual tutoring sessions with a professional tutor; as well as a Question Center, which allows students to post a question privately and receive a personalized answer within 24 hours on a variety of topics. Free on-demand online tutoring is now available to all students in grades 7-12 in Gilbert Public Schools through NetTutor. Do you need help with your tasks late at night or during the weekend? Are you stuck doing an assignment for your online course? Tutoring Services offers online tutoring to MATC college students through NetTutor. Each MATC student can use 12 free NetTutor hours per course and semester.

Partnering with NetTutor means providing your students with the assistance they need from qualified and experienced online tutors. More than 150 subjects are offered, including live tutoring in Mathematics, Writing and Student Success available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Students must attend a tutoring session after requesting the help of the course instructor. For more than 20 years, NetTutor has offered on-demand live tutoring, question delivery and written comments.

Please notify your tutor which modality you prefer to use at the beginning of the session. All online tutoring sessions are recorded and archived and the Center reserves the right to monitor online tutoring sessions for quality control and policy compliance purposes. During peak hours, tutors may need to reduce session time, or they may ask you to come back and start a new session so they can attend to other students waiting in line. NetTutor supports 24/7 tutoring in ESL, English and Writing, FYE and College Success, Humanities and Mathematics.

More information will be released soon, including the availability of NetTutor for the summer and fall semesters. They are full-time tutors and all have at least a bachelor's degree; most also have graduate degrees. If you're a student and NetTutor isn't enabled in your Canvas course (or your teacher doesn't use Canvas), you can access it by automatically enrolling in the free online Quest for Success course. NetTutor is the only major online tutoring service that allows each institution to customize every aspect of the service their students will receive.

Guardians reserve the right to end a session early if the student is not properly prepared or if he blatantly ignores the College's Academic Integrity Policy, the Student Code of Conduct, or the Tutoring Center's Student Mentoring Agreement policy. Tutors are subject matter experts trained to translate best tutoring practices and learning strategies to support students online, one student at a time. All NetTutor tutors have at least a bachelor's degree and most have a master's or doctorate degree. Simply locate the FSC course number on the left and it will show you the corresponding subject group in NetTutor.

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